You will notice that this page is still a bit empty and the project you find here may seem a bit random. Well that’s just me, always different interests, ideas or styles. So for now these projects are merely experiments really. Below are the projects I’m currently working on apart from the none project-based creations that you’ll find in my shit section.

Picture map

Screenshot geotagged pictures map

Screenshot of geotagged pictures map in action

I’ve create my first WebGL application that shows newly uploaded pictures on Flickr on the world map. It’s a really cool way to explore our colourful world, seeing all these different pictures appearing on different parts of the world. You can check out this application out on the picture map page (you need WebGl support for it to work), or read more about it on the blog.

I’m also thinking of continue with a 3D version of globe in either OpenFrameworks or with WebGL where picture from around the world will appear. I will still use a picture service like Instagram or Flickr to find new uploaded geotagged images. These images will be places on the globe, this globe will turn and zoom to that location, so you can see the picture clearly. New pictures will appear on the globe constantly, so the earth again will turn to a new position each time. Optionally non geotagged pictures can float in space, just flying by without landing on a position, this however does require quite some processing of images, so I don’t know if its feasible.

News on the world map

I’m having this idea in my head of presenting world news on a world map, scraping the news from major news sources and look for country names. This however is difficult because you don’t know the context in which the location is used. So I have to do some experimenting to see if this could be done. It would be cool to see which countries have ‘hot news’. I could also add a timeline that lets you navigate into news from a few day ago. Everything is still only a very rough idea, but I quite excited to figure out if this is doable.

Illustrated book
I have this idea of creating a illustrated children’s book for quite some time now. I’m still very much figuring out the style and the story I want. I started out with the idea of sketching a day in the life of a girl named Lisa, you read more about that in the blogpost about Lisa. I actually want to make something more interesting (I think the original idea is quite boring). Currently I’m thinking of letting her wake up in an absurd word, with lots of humour and inspiring things, not just for the little ones, but also for adults. Hopefully you can read more info about the project soon!

Javascript/canvas publishing
I’m started working on a cool project in Javascript using the Canvas object. I’m trying to create some neat layout and typesetting tools with it. I already wrote a fancy line breaking algorithm, but that needs some more fine tuning and then there are tons of other features and ideas still in my head to work on. Most of these features I will probably never make, because I don’t have the patience to keep working on it. However I am planning to use it for some small but cool digital publication/e-book kind of thing. When there is more to tell and show about this project, I will write it down here. This actually is more of a long term continues project.

That’s it, not much yet. But I will be posting any progress here soon, so this is that awesome page you want to check out again later ;-)