Hi! My name is Jurjen, 27 years of age and live in the Netherlands.
JurjenI am someone who like to express ideas and I always have my own opinion ready. That’s why you will often hear me say: “I think not!”. It’s also why I have created this website, a place where I can do something with the things that live inside my head.

I work part-time as a web developer, which I really enjoy, but I know it would frustrate me if I would not have the freedom to follow my own ideas and be able to ‘do my own thing’ as well. I’m lucky enough to have a lot of freedom to be doing these things. But with freedom comes responsibility, I need to do something even when the direction isn’t always clear. I tend to spend too much time figuring out what to do, while doing nothing. I have already concluded many times it is impossible to find the right path, you just have to start moving. I created this small ‘manifesto’ for myself to remember:

Don’t think, but feel and act. Life is simple, do not over analyze, feel to understand. Don’t fear the unknown, don’t fear failure, do new things, get lost; it will help you find yourself. It’s no shame to do something stupid, but not doing anything is. Keep moving and be agile. Create. Sharing your passion with people gives life its value. Stop looking, it will find you when you do what you love doing.

That’s what this site is about. There is no real plan, but it’s a method to motivate me creating things, a place where I share my passion. I will make many stupid mistakes, that is necessary or I will not make anything at all. That also explains the title “Jurjen Thinks Not”: it both reflects expressing my thoughts as well as me trying not to think too much but instead keep moving intuitively and be productive.

A long story on why this site exists, but the question remains: what is it? It’s WordPress, so its a blog and other than that it’s a bit difficult to answer since there is not really any direction. The site will reflect what I’m doing, and I will be doing things that I love. That may change in time, but most likely things between artistic expression (painting, illustrating) and coding. Maybe it’s a bit of a strange spectrum, but in general it will probably all be focused on visual expressions. There is also a scrapbook section on this site, where I will regularly share stuff I stumble upon and really like. I will probably also misuse the blog from time to time when I feel the need to express my opinion on various matters.

I love to connect with people with shared passions, so be sure to reply to my posts to share me your thoughts. You can also check my twitter or google plus and feel free to drop me an email on: info