Art exists

Art Exists

Digital illustration. "Art exists because reality is neither real nor significant", a quote by J.G. Ballard

“Art exists because reality is neither real nor significant”, a quote by J.G. Ballard. I think it’s very much true, reality can be a useful tool but it doesn’t answer the real questions in life. I don’t think art does give any answers either, but at least it gives us food for thought and inspiration how to deal with it. Reality only gives the illusion of understanding, but in fact it still leaves us in the dark.

Afghan Girl

Afghan Girl

Afghan Girl - Pastel pencil on paper (A3)

This pastel pencil drawing I made a while ago, but I did not yet have a decent digital image of it. I scanned it this weekend. You might recognize this image since it’s from a very famous photograph of an Afghan girl made by National Geographic in 1985 for an article about refugees when Afghanistan was occupied by Soviet Union.